Lots of people have been changing roles and employers in my Twitter and LinkedIn feeds lately. My time is coming...!
Photo by Roger Bradshaw / Unsplash

I have been a little quiet for the last five months or so (I'm not counting). Life has been busy, lots has happened - both personally and professionally.

  • One of my children hit a milestone age
  • I was accepted as a HashiCorp Ambassador for the second successive year
  • I attended HashiConf Europe
  • I have had several onsite visits with customers - the first ones since early 2020
  • I recently broke my 820+ day streak of not catching Covid - bummer!
  • My day job has been crazy busy throughout

Through it all there have been some mental health battles that I have been fighting. What I love about the people that I work with and know socially though, is that they're incredibly supportive. To name but a few, Claire (my wife), Katarina Brookfield, Mark Brookfield, Joe Baguley, Dave Marley and my direct line management at VMware have been cornerstones of my existence through what have been some challenging times! I haven't thanked them enough, but I hope that they know that their support is very much appreciated! The list of who I should thank goes on and on. I could almost copy and paste my contacts into this post.

There comes a time though when a fundamental change is needed in order to keep progressing and growing. I joined VMware in September 2015 and have spent all of my (nearly) 7 years in Professional Services (PSO). I live for helping my customers succeed and PS has been a great vehicle to achieve that. Lately though I have felt the need to find a new outlet for my passion towards cloud management and cloud automation. VMware's offerings in this area are easier to adopt and consume than they have ever been and I have been getting less satisfaction from my PS role than I used to. Which means that it's time for a new role.

In two more weeks I will finish with PSO and go immediately in to PTO! (That means that I'm going on holiday / vacation for those of you not familiar with the acronym.) When I come back at the end of August though, I will be stepping in to a new role at VMware. It's one that has more of a global scope, and I'm quite excited about it!!

More will follow in due course...