On this page you will find some resources to help you get to grips with HashiCorp Packer.

I first started using Packer in anger during the great pandemic of 2020. In fact, it was a renewed desire to learn, develop myself and my homelab that put me on to Packer finally. (Kudos to Mark for being my motivational support Hobbit in this regard.) It was also the catalyst that drove me to launch this blog.

On to business...

GitHub Repositories

I've created a number of different git repositories related to Packer. Partly this is due to how my knowledge and experience has evolved, but also down to how I've come to treat my templates in my homelab. Each one is a separate "product" and hence has it's own repository. Yes that does result in some duplication of scripts etc, but it also means that each can be developed and managed by itself.

CentOS 7 Linux

v12n repository for Packer CentOS 7 builds on vSphere - v12n-io/packer-centos7

CentOS 8 Linux

v12n repository for Packer CentOS 8 builds on vSphere - v12n-io/packer-centos8

Photon 3 Linux

v12n repository for Packer Photon 3 builds on vSphere - v12n-io/packer-photon3

Windows 2019 Server Std

Packer build for Windows Server 2019 Std. Contribute to v12n-io/packer-win2019std development by creating an account on GitHub.

Windows 2019 Server Std Core

v12n repository for Windows Server 2019 Standard Core build - v12n-io/packer-win2019stdcore


I've created a number of articles over the course of the last year. That includes a series where I worked through building up some of my template files. They're all tagged with "Packer".

Packer - v12n.io
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I haven't done much on the video front recently, but this video showcases an automated build process that I created by combining Packer and VMware Code Stream.

Docker Images

Finally, in the video above my Code Stream pipeline uses a Docker image with Packer built-in that I made. If you want that, it's right here.

Docker Hub