Celebrating 6 years at VMware!

A brief reflection and celebration of my 6 years at VMware

Celebrating 6 years at VMware!
Photo by Ray Hennessy / Unsplash

I'm a few days late (about 20), but I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate my 6-year anniversary at VMware.

I joined from a partner company here in the UK and I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to work for VMware, a company whose products I had used for years.

Looking back over the last 6 years there have been ups and downs, but the majority of my experience has been positive. Which is why I am still here. It's actually the longest that I've worked for one employer in my whole career!

The word "employer" actually sounds odd being used to describe VMware for me. Yes there is that relationship in reality, but it does feel much more like being part of a large family or team and it's a big part of why I'm still here.

VMware has grown significantly, even since I joined in 2015, but the level of innovation is still phenomenal. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Of course I will grow and change and will seek new challenges for myself, but the good thing is that I know that I can find them at VMware.