VMTN Miniwag with Mike Laverick

Article by Michael Poore (@mpoore)

You could be forgiven for thinking that by now Mike Laverick's campaign to get VMware to reinstate their VMTN subscription must have reached saturation point. Even though the software giant has sat up and taken notice – real notice – Mike's not letting up yet.

The latest effort in what is dubbed the “VMTN Subscription Movement” (Twitter: #VMTNSubscriptionMovement) is a series of “miniwags” (a shorter version of Mike's “Chinwag” podcast), brief video clips of people discussing the VMTN Subscription that Mike is posting on YouTube.

Knowing Mike from the London VMUG, I volunteered to do a slot and I've somehow ended up being the first miniwagger – his guinea pig if you like.

Here's the clip (eagle-eyed viewers might just about make out a PowerCLI poster above my left shoulder):

In addition to doing this I popped up briefly on the Veeam Podcast with Rick Vanover a few weeks ago and participated in a short discussion with several other vExperts and the man at VMware charged with looking into resurrecting the VMTN Subscription.

You'd think by now that I'd be used to hearing the sound of my own voice. It's still weird though.