vGeek TV

I thought I'd save this for a Friday morning – something to make the weekend happen earlier maybe?

It started earlier in the week. Mike Laverick, Steve Bruck and Stu McHugh had a twitter conversation that led to one of them coming up with “V Factor”, the Geek alternative to ITV's “X Factor”.

This spawned several minutes of additional vGeek televisual programme ideas being suggested by a number of tweeters. For your brief enjoyment, here are all of the ones I managed to capture at the time:

  • VMUGrats
  • Cache in the Attic
  • The only way is ESX
  • v Factor
  • The Amazing vRace
  • EMCbeebies
  • VMotion Street
  • QuestEnders
  • OLEoaks
  • VMerdale
  • ‘DRS' (Doctors)
  • A vSpecialist Abroad
  • Buffy the VM Slayer
  • Deadliest Cache
  • 24-Hours – shift
  • The vShield
  • Married … With a vAdmin
  • McCloud
  • vSphere Five-0
  • News at VMTN
  • Brothers in ARMs
  • How I Met Your Motherboard
  • Sons of Affinity
  • ESX and the Single Girl
  • The HA/DRS Theory
  • ESX and the City
  • Time Veeam
  • Two and a half Clusters
  • An Idiot Admin
  • Derren Brown: vExperiments
  • Joanna Lumley's Geek Odyssey
  • ESXTOP Gear
  • I'm a Celebrity vMotion me out of here!
  • PowerHell's Kitchen
  • CLI: Command Line Instructions
  • The vmX Files
  • Gordon Ramsay's Virtualisation Nightmares
  • Downtime Abbey
  • What not to VMware
  • How to look good Consolidated

I'll get my coat!