Veeam Surebackup

Everybody is talking about it. If I asked my brother-in-law (an advertising creative) he'd probably say that this is a good marketing strategy. It certainly works on me anyway – I'm as curious a hell! Like everyone else who's been talking about it, I registered to find out more. Some have specualted about features or approaches (VirtualisedReality) and some (the SLOG), better connected than me, may find out more.

Actually I registered a few hours ago now but something has been bugging me. The big reveal is due on March 22nd. There are still 9 days of February to go. Doing the maths, 22 + 9 does not equal 23 (see the image below). It's a lot closer to 32. Perhaps Veeam have a small code problem? I'd hope not and I think not.

Having had a look at the page source,

it looks like the countdown is configured to run until March 15th. I'm guessing that there will be more revealed or some change to their site around that time. I wait in eager anticipation.

Update (20/02/2010): Found a tweet from @veeam this morning:

RT: @veeam: RT @mpoore: New Post: Veeam Surebackup <- Good detective work…the countdown will be changed for March 22 (OOPS) 😉