vCAC 6.0.1 Released

Sometime late last night, VMware popped version 6.0.1 of vCloud Automation Center on to their download site.


This is a maintenance release designed to fix a few of the issues that exist within the 6.0 GA version of vCAC. They're too numerous to list here but there are a handful that are relevant to my current project and my home lab setup. However, I won't be installing it straight away.

Known Issues

Before embarking on an upgrade, read the release notes CAREFULLY! There are quite a number of known issues that will bite you if you're not prepared for them. For instance, the upgrade will revert vCAC to use the internal vCO instance rather than the external one if you've configured that. Also, .NET 4.5.1 is still not supported. Be warned, there are many more.


If you're already running vCAC 6.0 then there is a supported upgrade path. The bad news for anyone using 5.x is that upgrades to 6.x are still not available. That functionality is still penciled in for a future version.