PowerCLI: New cmdlets for Update Manager

VMware have this morning / last night released some PowerCLI cmdlets for VMware Update Manager (VUM). A short description can be found of them below:

Cmdlet Name Cmdlet Description
Attach-Baseline Attaches baselines to the specified Template, VirtualMachine, VMHost, Cluster, Datacenter, Folder, and VApp objects.

Attaching a baseline to a container object such as a folder or datacenter transitively attaches the baseline to all objects in the container.

Detach-Baseline Detaches baselines from the specified inventory objects.
Download-Patch Downloads new patches into the Update Manager patch repository from the enabled patch download sources.
Get-Baseline Retrieves the baselines specified by the provided cmdlet


Get-Compliance Retrieve baseline compliance data for the specified object of type Template, VirtualMachine, VMHost, Cluster, Datacenter, Folder, and VApp.
Get-Patch Retrieves all available patches or those specified by the provided cmdlet parameters.
Get-PatchBaseline Retrieves allĀ  patch baselines or those specified by the provided cmdlet parameters.
New-PatchBaseline Creates a new patch baseline. Patch baselines can be applied to either hosts or virtual machines. Depending on the patch criteria you select, patch baselines can be either dynamic or static (fixed).
Remediate-Inventory Remediates an inventory object against the specified baselines.
Remove-Baseline Deletes the specified baselines from their servers. Before the

removal, the baselines are detached from all entities they have been attached to.

Scan-Inventory Scans inventory objects for baselines attached to them.
Set-PatchBaseline Modifies the properties of a patch baseline. You can specify explicitly the patches you want to include in the baseline through the IncludePatch parameter.
Stage-Patch Initializes staging of patches. Staging allows you to download

patches from the Update Manager server to the ESX/ESXi hosts, without applying the patches immediately.

The cmdlets can be downloaded from VMware's website as a PowerShell Snapin and require PowerCLI 4.0 U1.

I look forward to seeing a few scripts pop out in the next few days that make use of these.