Poore the vSoup

Between recent visits to the San Francisco area I was lucky enough to join Chris Dearden (@chrisdearden), Christian Mohn (@h0bbel) and Ed Czerwin (@eczerwin) for a recording of the vSoup podcast. In truth, it was 3rd time lucky as being 8 (or 9) hours behind and on a fairly manic schedule didn't lend itself too well to planning anything with anybody.

I have to say that it was great fun and I'd love to do it again sometime when the subject of conversation won't be abnormally large shower heads. At some point in the proceedings I did manage to slip in a plug to the vSpecialist VCDX practice event – that we've yet to organise properly – but what with work commitments and new jobs it's taken a back seat for a few weeks. We might have to see if we can dovetail with Christian's new VCDX initiative

Visit the vSoup site or download from iTunes…