P2V Ports - A Reminder

I have a few servers to P2V tomorrow. Just as a reminder to myself more than anything, these are IP ports required to P2V a windows server:

TCP Ports
UDP Ports
Converter server
Source computer
445, 139, 9089
137, 138
If the source computer uses NetBIOS, port 445 is not required. If NetBIOS is not being used, ports 137, 138, and 139 are not required. If in doubt, make sure that none of the ports are blocked.
Note: Unless you have installed Converter server to the source computer, the account used for authentication to the source computer must have a password, the source computer must have network file sharing enabled, and it cannot be using Simple File Sharing.
Converter server
Only required if the conversion target is VirtualCenter.
Converter client
Converter server
Only required if a custom installation was performed and the Converter server and client portions are on different computers.
Source computer
443, 902
If the conversion target is VirtualCenter then only port 902 is required.

This information was taken from VMware's KB article on the subject.

As always, I've done a quick audit of the hosts that I'll be transferring so that I have their IP configuration recorded and I know that they have sufficient memory onboard to run the VMware Converter boot CD (264Mb required). I've also refreshed my memory about VMware Converter best practices just in case.