New Tax Year... New Job

The two are not entirely unrelated. Although I only got into contracting by accident I have been considering returning to permanent work for some time. However, it was the imminent end of the tax year that set things in motion. Well, that and a timely tweet from Mr Darren Woollard (@dawoo) – I owe him beer.

The end of March (and the UK tax year) signalled the end of my contract with my public sector client. The UK government has been tightening the purse strings ever since last year's election and so it came as no surprise to me to be looking for work. I'm pleased to say though that my search was fairly short and very successful. Next week I will be joining a small but fast growing company by the name of Virtual Clarity. To put it mildly, I'm excited.

As it transpired, my start date and the end of my last contract have been separated by the entire month of April. During that time I haven't spent a lot of time in front of a computer of any sort, it's been family time. This is why I have been fairly quiet lately. It's possible that in the coming weeks I'll still be quiet because I'm too busy but I do intend to keep posting when I can.