London VMUG 17th May 2012

Hi, my name's Michael and I'm a geek. It's been 3 months since my last VMUG.

I had the weirdest dream the other night in which I stood up and uttered those words in front of all of the attendees at this month's London VMUG. The truth is, I probably am suffering from VMUG withdrawal. Lucky me, it's just two weeks until the next one.

Thursday 17th May is the date, the location is the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry as usual and of course there will be vBeers afterwards. The question is not “Will you be there?”, it's “Why wouldn't you be there?”. Just check out the agenda highlights:

  • Using vShield to Drive Efficiency and Costs Savings – Stephen Porter, Trend Micro
  • Desktop Transformation with Liquidware Labs – Dan Falconer, Liquidware Labs
  • Solving VM Storage Cost and Performance Challenges with VM-aware Storage – Tintri
  • VMTurbo Labs
  • The vCenter Appliance – Hugo Phan, VMware
  • Climb the Stack and Pimp your Cloud with VMware vFabric – Peter Holditch, VMware
  • Flexpod: The Flexible Converged Infrastructure – Chris Kranz
  • Help, My VDI Project is Hell! – Julian Wood
  • Management and Orch’n – What, Why & How – Steve Bryen
  • The vMarket – Skills in Demand for the Next Five Years – Neil Mills
  • Over to You: Design Me a Highly Available Virtualised Infrastructure – Darren Woollard
  • Writing VMware Apps for Novice Programmers – Ricky El-Qasem

It's also a brilliant opportunity to network with all sorts of people – published authors, freelancers, consultants, end users and evangelists – all of whom have differing experiences to share. Best of all, it's free to register and attend!

Register for the London VMUG here.