It's time to retire "vCO"

Before anyone gets in a huff, I'm not suggesting that a key part of VMware's automation, orchestration and cloud functionality be consigned to the bin. This is about the name.

It was Q3 / Q4 last year (2014) that VMware announced the changes to its product names. A whole year ago! Of course, it can take time for a change to take effect, particularly when any of the following are a factor:

  • Older projects and environments using older versions of the products that contain original branding
  • Document, diagram and presentation re-use where the older names are used
  • Investment in any other IP or collateral
  • Ingrained habits, especially if you've been using these products for years

But by now “vCO” should be a thing of the past. That's not its name anymore. I won't be removing the tag from my blog but I'll be making an effort not to use it anymore (after this post) and I'm going to remove the search from my Twitter client too: