Farewell FlowGrab

If you've been using vRO (formerly vCO) for any length of time, you might have encountered a third party source code repository service called “FlowGrab” in your travels. It was a great idea and had great potential but its owners weren't able to maintain and develop it as they wanted to. Sadly, the service was shutdown at the end of October.

Dear FlowGrab user and supporter

We notified in spring 2016 that FlowGrab is looking for a new, good owner. Today we can state that after all the search and negotiations we have not found it.
Therefore we have to execute the scenario that we hoped to avoid – to shut down and unplug FlowGrab.com.

If you are an active user – please export your content from FlowGrab.com before 31st October as this is the last day for FlowGrab.com to be available.

If you consider to be a new and good owner for FlowGrab and continue what we started – continue development of a source code repository for VMware cloud automation portfolio, supporting VMware vRA and vRO customers with a solution that increases the productivity, visibility and compliance, please let us know. We will provide you all the information you need to make the decision to purchase FlowGrab in its entirety.

Regardless of further discussions 31st October 2016 FlowGrab.com will be unplugged.

Yours faithfully,
FlowGrab team