EMC PowerShell Cmdlets! Who do I have to kill?

I try to avoid news type postings like this if I can – there are plenty of other blogs out there that do it without me joining in – but this is exciting geeky stuff!

I like PowerShell, clever stuff. I should use it more than I do but some fool only put 24 hours in the day! I digress…

So, those nice folks over at EMC have had some of their own cmdlets for a while that have been used internally. Now though they are being released for people like you and me to play with – I mean use – in anger.

So in answer to my question, it seems that nobody has to die in order for me to get my hands on them.

Now, if only I wasn't working in a NetApp environment… 🙁

The cmdlets can be grabbed from here and Chad (@sakacc) has posted about them here. If you are able, please give feedback on the cmdlets so they can make them even better!