eBook: Expert Guide to Data Protection and Disaster Recovery


It begs the question, where does Eric Siebert find so much time from? Not so long ago he turned out a rather mighty book called “Maximum vSphere”. He’s also recently run his excellent top 25 VMware bloggers poll and he has a day job.

How does he manage it?

The book is sponsored by Veeam and will be released one chapter at a time. In the first release (Chapter 1) Eric covers VMware’s architecture in some detail. There are some great explanations in there. There’s nothing much about data protection or disaster recovery yet but since future chapters will touch a lot on Best Practices in these two areas, it is important to ensure that readers have a good architectural grounding so that the reasoning behind the best practices can be clearly understood.

I look forward to the next chapters and having downloaded the first, Veeam will now notify me when they become available.

If you haven’t been there already, download Chapter 1 here.