Basics: Open PowerCLI using different credentials

Everytime I use a different PC or laptop I always forget to do this after installing PowerCLI. I happily open PowerCLI up and try to connect to a vCenter server and get prompted for my login information. This is how I feel:

Every time in that session that “Connect-VIServer” is used I'll get it because my normal domain account doesn't have any privileges in vCenter. The point of this post isn't to teach anyone to suck eggs but maybe it'll help me remember in future to make one tiny change after installing PowerCLI.

Right click on the PowerCLI shortcut and open the shortcut's properties.

Click the “Advanced” button.

Tick the box “Run with different credentials”. OK everything.

The next time the the shortcut is used the option to specify different credentials is shown:

Entering a different account here saves having to do it each time “Connect-VIServer” is used. There are other things that can be done of course. Maybe I'll save those for another day.