Adobe Reader Install

I just found myself in a situation where I wanted to be able to read PDFs on a Windows Server VM. It'll be too complicated to explain why, just trust me. Over time Adobe have changed how their free Reader software is downloaded and installed. No longer is it just a case of downloading an EXE or MSI file and running it on what ever host you want. Now they have a download manager.

If you go to Adobe's site using your browser of choice and try to download the Reader, you are nowadays prompted to install Adobe's browser plugin. This plugin downloads and installs your software for you. Marvellous! So easy.

But what if you want to install Adobe Reader on a non internet facing server? How do you download a normal installation file that you can use?

Adobe don't make it easy to find out but it is possible. They have a public FTP server that you can browse very easily. Problem solved.