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@mpoore is a personal blog that is owned and maintained by Michael Poore. Its focus is on VMware related automation and orchestration, cloud technologies / operations, virtualisation in general, and other related topics.

About the Author

I'm a Lead Consultant for VMware‘s Northern EMEA PSO team (covering UK & Ireland, Benelux and the Nordics). My role is focused on helping customers in EMEA and the US improve their cloud and virtualisation adoption, with a particular emphasis on automation and orchestration. Additionally, I'm actively involved in providing feedback to VMware's engineering teams about how our customers use, or want to use, our products.

I maintain this blog as a collection of personal thoughts, experiences and useful information picked up during the course of my job and as a result of my own learning activities. When I'm not onsite with customers, I can usually be found physically in the Cotswolds (UK), or online on LinkedIn and Twitter. Alternatively, there's a good chance that I'll be at the nearest gathering of vGeeks and beer!


The views expressed on this site are personal and are not the opinions or views of VMware. Any technical information contained within this site is offered “as is” and no warranty is implied or given.


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